Our Mission

To provide school age young women with access to feminine hygiene products while bringing awareness to the issue of period poverty in schools. 

Girls in the Library

Our Vision

To educate elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels to pass legislation allocating funds for feminine hygiene products in schools. 

Our Story!

Posh Pack, Incorporated was created out of a need to provide students with feminine hygiene products. Having access to these items provides a quality of life that allows young women to focus and perform better in school. The hope is to empower these young women to take full advantage of educational opportunities without worry about access to feminine hygiene products. These products are not luxury items and without them serve as a major distraction for young women in school.

The name Posh Pack was created to take away the stigma around menstrual cycles. The topic of menstrual cycles has long been a taboo topic, making young women feel insecure and unsure of themselves. Posh Packs are working to make sure young women feel secure and confident in themselves even during this time of the month. 


Access to feminine hygiene products is not a privilege for those that can afford them, but a necessary right for all who need them. Without these products many young women miss educational opportunities, putting them behind in school. Additionally, many legislatures have not accounted for this need in their annual budgets to equip schools properly with these products. Posh Packs not only educates the public and elected officials on this need, but in the interim works to fill the gap, by providing middle and high schools with feminine hygiene products. 

Additionally, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Posh Pack has worked diligently to provide outside sources that serve young women with access to feminine hygiene essentials in addition to focusing on school populations. 

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

- Muhammad Ali

Founder / President


Dr. Elesia Glover spent much of 2018 thinking about "period poverty" and the lack of access for socioeconomically challenged parents who couldn't provide feminine hygiene products for their daughters. She thought about all the girls who stayed home from school because they didn't have access to what they needed. She thought about how challenging it must be to sit in calculus or chemistry when you have already received your one tampon from the nurse and you know you have no more. 


In 2019 Dr. Glover took a leap of faith and committed 100% to Posh Pack! She is more determined than ever to be a light within this issue and bring awareness to it. With a doctorate in public policy and administration, Dr. Glover continues to take a multifaceted approach focused on collecting and donating Posh Packs to schools, but also working with elected officials to encourage budgetary line items to cover menstrual products in schools and to end sales tax on feminine hygiene products. 








Dr. Glover is originally from North Carolina where she received her Bachelors and Masters degree before moving to Washington, DC working as a congressional liaison for the Federal government and Congress. Dr. Glover now resides in the Metro-Atlanta area with her husband and works in public policy for the City of Atlanta. She lives by the quote, "She believed she could so she did" by R.S. Grey.


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