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Bill to Exempt Feminine Hygiene Products from GA Sales Tax

Feminine hygiene products would be exempt from the state sales tax under a bill proposed this week in the Georgia Legislature.

For reproductive-age women, that time of the month means time to shell out money for the products: about $7 monthly per person on average, according to a group that advocates for the exemption.

And each time they do, they’re also paying the 4 percent state sales tax.

The advocacy group, Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us), estimates that the tax paid on those products adds up to $10 million a year.

The bill spells out some of the products to be exempted as “tampons, menstrual pads” and others.

The legislation, House Bill 731, was proposed by Rep. Debbie Buckner, D-Junction City. Four of her first five co-sponsors are Republicans, members of the majority party in the General Assembly.

Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, said he signed on because the products should have been exempted years ago along with groceries and medical devices.

“I think there’s a valid argument that it’s a medical necessity,” Peake said. “There were some constituents of mine who approached me about it, some ladies in my area. The more they explained to me, the more it made sense.”

Updated Jan 25, 2018

By Ariel Hart, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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